Singing Pythagorus

Anyone who remembers the periodic table via Tom Lehrer’s wonderful song “The Elements” (below) will also appreciate this musical mnemonic ditty about the Pythagorean theorem, composed by a high school boy from Pendleton County (KY) High School. Does anyone else have a great one to contribute? (If you send yours in, we’ll send you a complimentary copy of Fires in the Mind.) And tell us: Does this kind of practice work for your students?


2 thoughts on “Singing Pythagorus

  1. Malyn Mawby on said:

    I believe mnemonics is a powerful learning – and recall – strategy; so much so that I blogged about this (see post), which includes one I created – GGSC – a mnemonic which is an adaptation of Polya’s approach to problem solving.

    G – Goal : What is the problem/question
    G – Given: What do we know to help us solve it
    S – Solve
    C – Check: How do we know we are right?


  2. Malyn, thanks! I went to your blog and found so much of interest–for example, your thoughtful post called “Problems vs. Exercises” is a great example of encouraging deliberate practice by having students break a math problem into parts. Hope you’ll keep sharing your on-the-ground insights!

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