For Teachers

When adults openly explore genuine questions about getting to mastery—and include young people’s knowledge and experiences in that exploration—we model the expert’s habit of taking intellectual and creative risks. We demonstrate that we too always have things we need to understand better, and things we need to practice. We teach kids to approach any lack of understanding as a puzzle: stretching the limits of their competence, continually testing new possibilities, and seeing how they work out. As they expand their knowledge and skills, young people, like us, will discover even more challenging puzzles they want to tackle—not just outside of school but as part of it.

“Train every day, then you will see,” advised the samurai Musashi four hundred years ago. Ten thousand hours—that roughly corresponds to the time students spend in school during four years of high school and four years of college. What are we asking our youth to practice in that precious time? What fires are we lighting in their minds?

We hope our site will help start up conversations among teachers, and in this section we provide an archive of some of those conversations, to inspire and spark your own!