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True-False Game (PDF)
1-2-3-4 Game (PDF)
Egg Trick for Reasoning Practice (PDF)
English Lang. Arts:
What is a Sentence? Making Grammar Practice Personal
Social Studies:
Cold War Arms Race
“The Inner Life of a Cell” (video animation)
Chess Openings as Natural Selection (PDF)
“Math Curriculum Makeover” video by Dan Meyer on
Tic-Tac-Toe as a Lesson in Coordinate Planes

Sample chapters from Fires in the Mind

Fires in the Mind, Chapter 1 (PDF)
Fires in the Mind, Chap 8, on Homework (PDF)

Meet the Student Contributors! (PDF)

Exercises from Fires in the Mind

Defining Mastery (PDF)
It Starts with a Spark! (PDF)
When You Are Learning Something New (PDF)
What Makes Us Willing to Try? (PDF)
How Does Our Knowledge Grow? (PDF)
Goals Checklist for Practice in Class (PDF)
Organizing a Lesson Around Mastery: A Template and Example (PDF)
The Habits of Experts (PDF)
What Is Deliberate Practice? (PDF)
Practice Project 5-Day Curriculum (PDF)

Project-Based Learning Resources

Criteria for a First-Rate Project (PDF)
Phoenix HS Student Projects (PDF)

Presentation Handouts

Fires in the Mind, Presentation Handouts (PDF)
Assignments & Rubrics, Teacher Educators (PDF)


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