The Book: Students analyze their path to mastery

“Become passionate” is easy to say, hard to do, impossible to compel. Drawing on the insights of young persons, parents, teachers, and experts, Kathleen Cushman reveals the paths to passionate pursuit of something worthwhile. Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognition of Education, Harvard University
An immensely useful, insightful, and indispensable guide
to tapping the immense potential in every child. Essential reading for teachers, coaches, and parents alike. Daniel Coyle, The Talent Code

What does it take for young people to get really good at something? Teenagers from diverse backgrounds explore that game-changing question in Fires in the Mind. As they describe what fuels (or quenches) their interest and effort, they offer exciting new perspectives on why students choose to engage and persist with challenging work. WKCD writer Kathleen Cushmanwhose landmark book Fires in the Bathroom brought youth voices to the national stagehere asks adolescents and their teachers to think more deeply about how we develop mastery, both in and out of school.

Starting with what youth already know and do well, Fires in the Mind uses the latest research on cognition to help students and teachers together gain insight into motivation, practice, and the need for high standards. Filled with thought-provoking exercises and resources, this book lights new fires in the minds of both teachers and students, and galvanizes them toward more powerful learning for all.

The book Fires in the Mind makes a wonderful shared reading for teachers, parents, or youth groups and advisories. All royalties go to WKCD to continue its work of bringing forward the powerful visions, voices, and work of youth around the world.

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