Student voices to spark professional conversations

We learn a lot about teaching when we listen to students describe their learning experiences. In this section, we offer a variety of brief videos in the voices of students. Singly or together, they make excellent conversation-starters for teachers and students alike.

What most helps young people thrive in a challenging academic environment? Answers from students bear out what research has found: social and emotional factors constitute a crucial underpinning for learning. In this 4-minute WKCD video, middle schoolers give their own examples of how everyday interactions between students, peers, and adults affected how they learned in the classroom.

In the following six videos in our series “Case Studies in Practice” (each about 5 minutes long) middle and high school students tell how they gained proficiency in reading, math, engineering, debate, media technology, and ballroom dance. What do their experiences have in common? How do they compare to your own teaching and learning experiences?

Our series “Just Listen” contains over 200 short video clips (averaging 1 minute), in which high school students talk directly about what most helps them learn and grow. We’ve mixed and matched them into themed playlists on our Just Listen YouTube channel (see sample playlists below) so that you can use them to discuss what matters most to you. If you prefer, we also offer Just Listen workshops, in which we tailor video selections to your concerns, provide discussion questions to guide such teacher/student conversation, and facilitate the discussion.